Can we run JavaScript tests on the Windows command prompt?

Yes we can ( once we install Node.js on our machine).
Node.js was first published by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and could only run on Linux.In June 2011, Microsoft partnered with Joyent to help create a native Windows version of Node.js.
Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment for server-side and networking applications. Once installed on Windows we can do lots of things with it, one of such benefits is to run JavaScript on the command prompt.

Installation only takes minutes. Please see my other article on how to go about it, from installation to testing JavaScript on the command line:

Happy first of September, everyone!


Author: tarau

technical writer, web technologies

4 thoughts on “Can we run JavaScript tests on the Windows command prompt?”

  1. Hi, may I just ask, beginner as I am, what does installing this JavaScript allow me to do? Is this like a platform where I can write script and practice, or…? Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Liisur, thanks for asking. Yes, you can practice JavaScript on the command prompt, just write your statements and press Enter. You can also paste the scripts if they are more complex. Of course you can also do the same on your browser by accessing the JS Console ( every browser has one built in). But the beauty of installing NodeJS is that now you can learn and practice on how to build servers on your computer , as well as creating dynamic web pages with angularJS which runs on Node. These two are the hottest technologies for web designing at this moment and worth all our spare time to learn them).

      1. Sounds awesome… I am currently trying to learn javaScript on CodeCademy and it’s going alright I think… the whole thing just takes a lot of practice and I’m not about to give up! Will look into NodeJS… because if I won’t throw myself into it, I’ll never learn πŸ˜€ Thanks!!!

      2. Codecademy’s JavaScript track is a great way to practice JavaScript. It really comes down to practicing. Of course NodeJS and angularJS mean nothing if we don’t know JavaScript because they are all related. Good luck ahead, it is an endless journey.

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