Small Projects for Mastering JavaScript

In a laid-back, conversational tone, volume 2 of the series “Small Projects for Mastering JavaScript”, “JavaScript innerHTMLA Project in Three Acts” reviews practical and useful JavaScript functionality such as using innerHTML in place of document.write, hiding answers from questions, writing browser compliant event listeners, understanding self-invoking functions and the real nature of assigned functions.

Why innerHTML?

Many JavaScript students find themselves a bit lost after taking a modern basic course on JavaScript syntax. They do most of their testing with console.log and get sticker shock when they attempt to implement a script on a regular HTML page.

Most courses in JavaScript/HTML use document.write to display data. This works and it does the job as far as teaching is concerned. However there are problems with document.write implementations. One of such problems is that document.write executed after the page has finished loading will overwrite the page, or write a new page. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. In other words, if you call it after the page is done loading, document.write will overwrite the whole document.

JavaScript innerHTML: A Project in Three Acts is my latest eBook.

Published on March 27 2014, it covers innerHTML, how to target an HTML page to change or add text on the fly, how self-invoking functions work and why they are so important, how to be more browser compliant and above all, why JavaScript works the way it works.

I believe it will be worth your time and at price anyone can afford.

Get it today and let me know if it helped you out.

Tony de Araujo


Author: tarau

technical writer, web technologies

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