How to learn code

We all have a way of learning that may be different from someone else’s way of learning. But even when our methods work for us, there is room for improvement.

There are layers of understanding in any topic worth learning. These layers have barriers that propel us forward or push us back. They are like river currents and when we swim against them we always lose. Many times it is best to just let the current take us down the river until we figure out a way of saving ourselves. The first most important thing is not to panic. The second important thing is not to get lazy. Just keep your target in mind, which is to get yourself to shore. As you go down the river, choose your direction, left margin or right margin, and swim in an angle. Eventually you will get to safe grounds.

Learning is no different! Every topic worth learning will have a current pushing us back. The key is not to push against it. Just let it be. Read a paragraph, take a break. During the break ask yourself questions. What was the meaning of the paragraph you had just read? If you can’t explain it, then ask yourself why you can’t? Be specific, write these questions down on a piece of paper. Then go back and read the paragraph again. Perhaps on the second take you will answer some if not all those questions. If you still don’t get it, google those questions to read possible answers. Don’t take someone else’s answer for granted, make it your own, in your own terms. Then go back a read that paragraph again. Take another break and ask yourself more question about it. Then move forward and tomorrow return again with a broader point of view.

Learning is an art. You are the artist and you need to learn on your own terms. Keep this technique in mind and do your own thing, but do it well and with intent.


Author: tarau

technical writer, web technologies

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