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How do I get feedback from a user in JavaScript without implementing a form?

One way is to assign a prompt() method to a variable and then use the variable:

var answer = prompt("What's your favorite color?");

This works great for strings but how can I get it to work for numbers?

To get data as a number type you need to parse the data. Parsing converts a string type into a numeric type:

var answer = parseInt(prompt("Give me a number ranging from 0 to 10"));

You can also use parseFloat() for float point numbers.

Can a user select an object by writing the object’s name via a prompt window?

The data coming from a prompt box is of type string. A string is represented with quotes. In order to call an object, you need to strip the quotes. Assuming the object we pretend to call is on the Global scope (under object window), we can call its name by calling it as a window property.

After assigning a prompt response to the variable answer, we can re-point the variable to an object name (assuming the name of the object and the value of the variable match).

answer = window

Here’s a minimalistic example using window[prop]:

var tony = {
    name: "TONY"

Above I declared an object named tony (notice its lower case).
Below I create an independent method that can potentially be used by any object:

var message = function () {
    console.log("Hello, " + +
        "! Thanks for your order today.");

Bellow I use prompt to ask for an object name, then the method message is called, passing the object name as the value to be applied to the message:

var newMessage = function () {
    var n = prompt("Please enter the object name");
    n = window[n];


Call the newMessage() subroutine and use tony as an example:

//returns "Hello, TONY!Thanks for your order today."

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