Practicing Linux on Windows

You own a Windows PC and you want to learn Linux in parallel.
You would like to get a second computer but that is not an option right now.
You’ve heard of dual-boot but don’t want to take a chance.
Here’s my favorite solution and it works beautifully:

  1. Download a free virtual machine, the virtualBox from Oracle.
  2. Download Debian Linux
  3. Install the virtualBox by following the instructions.
  4. Setup a virtual Debian OS inside the virtualBox
  5. When you turn on the OS on the virtualBox, install the Debian file from your computer
  6. If you make a mistake, delete the OS and start again from within the virtualBox (that easy and safe!).

You will be able to work on both Windows and Linux at the same time.

I chose Debian over Ubuntu because it really works and its faster. The idea is to learn Linux, not to enjoy the view which, by the way, Debian is pretty classy and pleasant to the eye.

Now you can practice JavaScript, Node.js and everything else on Windows and any other OS you decide to instal under the control of virtualBox. It works very well, just make sure you give it enough memory which can be adjusted at any time.

More references:

Now if you really want a good book about Linux, here’s my favorite:


Author: tarau

technical writer, web technologies

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