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Free eBook download from Amazon.
Only a few hours left.
AngularJS Easy Projects
Stay tuned for more free downloads next month.




One more free eBook download – JavaScript

This free download expires on Monday, November second.
Solid Steps into JavaScript: A Hands On Approach
Do you really want to learn JavaScript?
This simple starter booklet will not insult your intelligence. It is simple but not simplistic and the price is being kept low for one reason: To convince you to try learning JavaScript.

Free download from Amazon for code students

Are you looking to practice and review some of the basics in JavaScript? I’m pleased to announce a five day free download of one of my project exercises eBooks: “Small Projects to Learn JavaScript“. The free program expires on October 24, 2015. amzn.to/1jRhw7C. Pass it along to your friends and please let me know if you have a question about it.

Learning JavaScript

I’m really happy to announce that my eBook JavaScript in Plain Language – A Self-Study Method: JSON and AngularJS Prep has been updated.

If you’re looking to learn or relearn JavaScript please be assured that I have put a lot of thought into this publication based on the feedback from thousands of students I have coached over the years. Please check it out…

Get your lucky numbers with Angular

This snippet is based on the JavaScript exercise published on my eBook
“Small Projects to Learn JavaScript – Drawing Six ‘Lucky’ Numbers”

AngularJS was not even mentioned on the project but I figured it was time to demonstrate a way to implement AngularJS since it is the most popular implementation wanted right now.

Here it is: JSPLAIN

Have fun!


JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained

How many times have you attempted to learn JavaScript, only to put it on the side because it was too complex or you felt overwhelmed by the information overload?

JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained is easy to understand with plenty of illustrations and links to code files you can physically copy. Easy does not mean simple, it will not insult your intelligence and capacity to learn new concepts. This is a serious book for those wanting to understand how JavaScript works.

This book can be used as a reference if you need a detailed explanation on how a certain method works.
The key to master JavaScript is to become familiar with its library methods.

Get it today and start learning. You don’t need to own a Kindle. You’ll be able to read it on anyone of your computers by downloading the free Kindle app.
–> JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained


Fahrenheit to Celsius – JavaScript and AngularJS

You probably know how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in JavaScript but how would you display it on a web page?

Google has come up with a modern solution: AngularJS

AngularJS is a way to make your HTML more dynamic and it is easy to implement.

Take a look at my sample here:

Have fun testing it!


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